Lee Umphrey, Chief Executive Officer
Sandra Wakefield, RN BSN, Chief Operations Officer
Sue Dalton, Director of Administrative Services
Josh Stubbs, Director of Integrative Services
Robert Willson, Human Resources
Ben Johnson, Systems Administrator/IT
Harry Foss, Caretaker
Tina Ingersoll, Patient Accounts
Robin Reynolds, Patient Accounts
Roberta Kidder, Scheduling Supervisor
Phil Elkin, MD, Medical Director
Lilly Gardner, MD
Robert Scovin, DPM
Valerie Sawyer, LPN, Lab Technician
Barbara Bateman, Medication Clerk
Angela Junkins, CMA (AAMA)
Teresa Peabody, Medical Records
Adrianne Glick, CMA
Danielle Robinson, CMA
Deserae Merchant, CMA
Yazhou Zhang, DDS
Lana Ingalls, RDH
Mary “Nell” Dalheim, RDH
Jacqueline Thomas, Dental Assistant
Jodi McAuliffe, Dental Assistant
Linda Bird, LCSW
Jody Mountcastle, LCSW
Susan Gartland, PA-C
Arthur Blake, MD
Yasmine King, FNP
BreAnna Libby, FNP
Sharon Worcester, RN
Mardi Russ, Clinical Specialist
Teresa Wilkinson, CMA
Sheila Pelletier, LPN
Carol Lynn Campbell, Medical Reception
Rebecca Foss, Nurse Assistant









The Harrington Family Health Center is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of residents from the communities served by the center. All volunteer their time to oversee the operation, development and expansion of the Center.

Betsy Fitzgerald, President – Machiasport
Cathy Farren, Vice President – Addison
Peter Anderson, Treasurer – Addison
Eleanor McLaughlin, Secretary – Harrington
Mike Plummer, Quality Team – Harrington
Rick Lindquist – Harrington
Angela Fochesato – East Machias
Nicole Galante – Milbridge
Mike McSorely – Harrington