Confidentiality Statement

The only individuals with access to patient records are employees of the Health Center who have need to access the record. Confidentiality statements are signed by all Health Center personnel (including students and interns).

The only exceptions to confidentiality are governed by law as is reflected in the following:

  • When there is concern that harm may come to patient or others (i.e. child abuse, suicide, homicide).
  • When a court of law subpoenas information from the patient’s record.
  • When the patient or their legal guardian signs a written release of records authorizing certain information in the patient’s record to be released to another professional.

Copies of the Health Center’s current policies regarding patient confidentiality and compliance with Federal and State statues including HIPAA may be viewed at the Health Center. Please direct any questions or concerns about confidentiality of patient information to your provider at the Health Center or the Health Center’s Privacy Officer. Call (207) 483-4502.